Friday, February 01, 2013

Going to School!

If you love your work, as I do, it will never get old. One of the great pleasures of my business as a communication consultant is meeting interesting, intelligent, and diligent adults. After many years of working with employees ranging from entry-level associates to CEOs, I still feel that I often learn as much as I teach.

Case in point: Jack Macris, General Superintendent of Bronx Road Operations, West Farms Depot, New York City Transit Department of Buses (DOB). I was completing a four-week business-writing workshop for DOB in the Bronx when Jack, one of the participants, showed me a photograph of himself at the office posing with the course workbooks, including The Art of E-mail Writing. He graciously emailed to me a copy of the picture with the humorous subject line "Going to school."

Jack's dignified pose reminded me that he takes his learning seriously; his active involvement during each session also reinforced my conviction that I always have to bring my A-game into each lesson.

Thanks for the memento, Jack!