Friday, January 25, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: A Systematic and Soulful Approach to Presentation

Garr Reynolds's Presentation Zen will help seasoned presentation veterans who look for inspiration to break from their routine delivery modus operandi, and it will be invaluable to newcomers who seek a step-by-step process for creating brilliant visuals and timeless lectures.

Highly educated scientists, engineers, doctors, and systems analysts often struggle with keeping their ideas simple. This shortcoming is understandable because subject-matter experts in these professions tend to be process-oriented rather than results-oriented. In effect, their science inundates the audience with information overload.

Reynolds suggests many techniques to reinvent such presentations with a more audience-focused, memorable approach. For the theorist, he thoughtfully summarizes his rationale for recasting presentations; for the technician, he vividly illustrates practical tips.

I have used this book in my presentation skills teaching with good results. Most of my students, who are educated, experienced, and sophisticated managers and analysts, appreciate the focus, simplicity, and relevance of Presentation Zen.