Sunday, October 18, 2015

Phil's Lists, Part 4: Activities

Writers need inspiration, not only to drive themselves to write but to discover ideas to write about. My activities list has always served me well. While I am lucky to have boundless activities from which to choose in the New York City area, most communities provide similar local opportunities.

  1. Libraries - Get those books about whatever topics interest you for free.
  2. Theater - Watch live drama to hear how dialogue comes to life.
  3. Museums - Prep your visit by reading about the art exhibits you're about to see.
  4. Music - Catch live concerts to capture a deeper meaning of music.
  5. Travel - Go home or the home of your ancestors or just anywhere that isn't home to gain new perspectives on life.
  6. Lectures - Check out local presentations by scholars and experts on a broad range of topics, often sponsored by universities and libraries.
  7. Readings - Attend writer's festivals, poetry jams, and storytelling events to enrich your frames of reference and engage your intellect. 
  8. Webcasts - View massive open online courses and single web events to stay current on topics of interest.  
  9. Parks - Visit community, state, and national parks to get a deeper understanding of your environment and heritage.