Sunday, October 04, 2015

Phil's Lists, Part 2: Books for Business Writers

Since I often field the question about a good reference book for business writers, I decided to list some right here:
  • The Business Writer's Handbook is an easy reference, as its entries appear in alphabetical order, and they include writing models as well as detail explanations and numerous cross-references.
  • Writing That Works has been a long-time standard because its tips are practical and its examples are relevant.
  • The Elements of Business Writing mirrors the classic Strunk and White The Elements of Style in structure, but its focus is business writing.
  • The Business Style Handbook considers business writing from the perspective of electronic communication better than most business guidebooks.
  • The Art of On-the-Job Writing, my book, follows the writing process in shaping a business document from conception to completion. 
These ought to keep the business writer busy.