Sunday, May 27, 2012

Social Media and Communication, Part 2: Establishing the Aim

The first order of business in social networking is establishing an aim. This means clearly answering a series of questions:

  • Will the platform be for employees only? For select clients? For the world?
  • Is your aim to deliver valuable industry-specific information to readers?
  • How relevant should the information be to the products and services you deliver? 
  • Will you use the platform to announce new products or services? 
  • Is the idea to get your staff more involved in pushing the organization's message? 
  • Are you using the platform trying to increase your organization's visibility? 
  • Will you use it to bring people to your sales center website?
  • Will it use advertisements as a source of generating income?
  • What should the platform look like?
  • Do you want it to maintain an image that matches the formality level of your organizational brand, or do you want it to be less formal?
  • Should you maintain only one platform, or have one platform for each service or group of services?
  • Do you have the necessary staff to keep the platform fresh and dynamic?

You'll have a lot of questions to answer before going live, but you should weigh each of them carefully and articulate your answers unequivocally.