Sunday, September 06, 2009

Web 2.0 Tips, Part 6: Show Up Everywhere

Well, this tip speaks for itself. No matter what you search for these days, you’re bound to find it. This truth works both for and against you. While you can find virtually anything online, searching for something will not necessarily get you what you’re looking for on the first hit. That has happened to you, right?

What to do?

Be ubiquitous. Think of the Twelve Nations:
  1. Alternation – Don’t be a one-hit wonder. Keep writing about contrasting applications to your idea.
  2. Assignation – Hook your readers to your next post or to your next virtual or onsite meeting to extend the relationship.
  3. Combination – Look for links among contrasting industries and disciplines to appear in all of them.
  4. Consternation – Avoid this one! Don’t prophesize gloom and doom, and don’t write cryptically. You want to build an adience, not destroy one.
  5. Culmination – Whatever you communicate, make it end on a note that brings readers to wherever else you want them to go or whatever else you want them do.
  6. Domination – Be out there—always and everywhere.
  7. Examination – Try not to appear shallow while keeping your message brief. Reading the concise genius of Confucius could prove helpful here.
  8. Imagination – Know the trends in your field and write about all of them, however you can.
  9. Recrimination – Don’t use your blog as a means of getting even. Always take the high road. People will respect you for this practice.
  10. Rumination – Reflect wisely on your topic, respecting your readers’ intelligence, to draw a wider audience.
  11. Stagnation – Of course, you don't want this! Keep it fresh by raising the new and not rehashing the old.
  12. Subordination – Don’t let earlier posts die. If they’re helpful to understand what you’re commenting on now, then link posts.