Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Web 2.0 Tips, Part 3: Get There Quickly

Having noted some of the Web 2.0 resources and techniques in the previous two posts, I figure the next question would be, “How can I use them?”

The answer: Very quickly. I realize that most everyone thinks that the Internet already is laden with mindless chitchat, so why bother adding to the chaos? They miss the point, however, if they want to develop a business, cultivate client relationships, or generate ideas for their next project—provided they do so thoughtfully, which means unobtrusively and helpfully.

On the Internet, the moment’s news is the next moment’s antiquity, so novel ideas don’t last. Getting your inventive ideas immediately onto your website, blog, or tweet is key to maintaining a fresh Internet persona. Chances are that numerous hits about your writing topic are already in cyberspace. And if it is groundbreaking, its novelty will wear off fast than you can say “Web 1.0 – Web 2.0.” So the way to write for the web is voluminously and rapidly.