Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tips for Better E-Mail, Part 19: Always Be Updating

I've adapted the apropos sales maxim "Always be closing" for this tip: Always be updating:

1. Update your computer. Scheduling computer maintenance tasks at regular, frequent intervals keeps you moving quickly. Consider the following tasks no different from maintaining your teeth or car—with regular checkups:

  • disk cleanup, and defragmenting
  • file compacting
  • virus and spyware updating and scanning

2. Update your lists. Doing so adds value to the impact of your communication. Check your distribution lists for irrelevancies, repetitions, and inconsistencies.

3. Update your entire management system. Just as your computer gets outmoded over time, so does your e-communications management method. If you’re feeling inundated by the barrage of communication you’re sending and receiving, think about what you can do to improve your system.

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