Saturday, March 24, 2007

Constructive Criticism, Part 6: Put the Employee’s Growth First

In concluding this series on constructive criticism, I bring attention to the most important reason for writing performance appraisals: the employee’s development. The point of criticism is not to reprimand or to warn employees; disciplinary memos serve those functions. It also is not to endorse employees for promotions; recommendation memos or letters suit that purpose. The point is to help employees grow personally so that they will use their professional skills in helping the organization grow. The appraisal should be the employee’s map for improved on-the-job conduct. It is a vital management tool for employees to chart their performance development as it relates to the organization’s objectives.

Putting the employee’s growth first is inextricably connected to the organization’s success. Therefore, focus purposefully, unselfishly, and reasonably on the employee’s interest; in turn, a concerned employee will put the organization first!

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