Sunday, November 22, 2015

Phil's Lists, Part 9: Blogs

Reading blogs keeps writers abreast of a broad range of hot topics. Here are some worth reviewing to keep you busy reading and watching maybe more than you need to:

  • Andrew Sullivan, if you are interested in what this insightful journalist calls his biased yet balanced viewpoint, even though Sullivan has stopped updating it.
  • Basic Thinking, for information on just about any topic of international interest.
  •, for lyrics of thousands of songs you might want to recall or memorize.
  • Mashable, which offers more comprehensive information from diverse sources than most esteemed news organizations.
  • The Write Life, for aspiring book writers.
  • The Writer, a longstanding source of helpful information for writers. 
  • Writers and Authors, a source of tips and inspiration for developing writers.
  • Writer's Digest, a heavyweight source to keep new writers on track with their production goals.