Sunday, July 20, 2014

Oakland: Bookshops a Plenty

An unending lament of most bibliophiles is the disappearance of independent bookstores like Gotham Book MartColiseum Books, Academy Books, and Skyline Books, all in New York City and even chain booksellers like Borders, B. Dalton Bookseller, and Waldenbooks, making us wonder how long Barnes & Noble will endure.

For this reason, I am always excited to arrive in the Rockridge-Piedmont sections of Oakland, California, where the small bookseller inexplicably lives. Within a short, enjoyable walk past boutique shops, gourmet supermarkets, fine restaurants, and beautiful homes set on tree-lined streets, you can find seven terrific bookshops, each with its unique charm and collections of new and used books. I make sure I support them during brief stays in the area. 

Once you check them out, you'll love Oakland! Here they are: