Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Web-based Writing Course Log

A quick, easy, and inexpensive way to learn about writing these days is through webinars. I have designed and delivered synchronous and asynchronous online writing courses, webinars, or coaching programs for eight companies, which have made the content available only to their staff. But 14 of my one- to two-hour webinars and 4 live online courses for six other firms are online, all for free or at reasonable prices.

American Management Association (2 webinars, 4 live courses):

InfoComm International (2 webinars):

(3 webinars) 
  • Business Writing for Financial Professionals –  Determine the appropriate level of detail, structure content for easy reader access, and heighten the relevance of facts.
  • Quality Writing for Technical Professionals (premieres March 11, 2014) – Strike a balance between conveying complex data to subject-matter experts and less technical readers. 
  • Report Writing for Auditing Professionals (premieres April 23, 2014) – Present criteria, conditions, causes, and effects with authority.

SmartPros (4 webinars)
  • Writing Effective and Efficient Email – Recognize five common email problems and identify the standards of an excellent email. 
  • Audit Report Writing – Create department-specific templates, cultivate a clear and concise vocabulary, and use syntax and diction tips.
  • Writing for Engineers – Determine content and style for diverse audiences, standardize documentation tasks, and summarize effectively.
  • Financial Business Writing – Organize messages with a practical structure, link key business points with logical transitions, and cultivate a fluent style. 

  • Emails: Writing Them Right – Employ a strategy for writing email effectively.
  • Audit Report Writing (premieres July 14, 2014) –Employ a vast toolbox of techniques when noting observations, drafting objective workpapers, and composing structured, comprehensive, and fluent audit reports.

Center for Competitive Management (1 webinar)