Monday, September 13, 2010

An ESL Guide, Part 7: Best Practices

I close this brief series on ESL issues with three recommendations:

  1. Listen closely to professional speakers. Many of those on TV and radio are excellent, but listening on the Internet affords the opportunity of easy pausing and playing back as needed.
  2. Read eclectically. Of course, you should read in your field, including work documents and professional journal articles, but read outside your field too. Quality daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines, fiction and nonfiction books, and even a few books on writing should be in your routine reading regimen. I hesitate to recommend specific publications because virtually all will help. If you really want specific reading suggestions, write me an e-mail ( describing your reading interests, and I’ll respond with recommendations—promise!
  3. Review online ESL resources. This is easy enough. Type “ESL resources” in your favorite search engine to find an endless supply of tips, quizzes, and references to keep you busy for a long time.

Books by Philip Vassallo
How to Write Fast Under Pressure
The Art of E-mail Writing
The Art of On-the-Job Writing
The Inwardness of the Outward Gaze: Learning and Teaching Through Philosophy

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