Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Half-Day Seminars Available

In these difficult economic times (aren’t you already sick of hearing that phrase?), the need for training has not diminished, but the availability of staff has. As a result, several of my clients are calling for half-day classes, programs which may impart a nugget or two of useful information that may help staff back at office.

This request has led me to offer three new half-day programs:
  • Writing in a Heartbeat, which offers tips on writing quickly on demand
  • Making Your E-mail Fly, a revised course that focuses on creating clear, concise e-mails
  • Briefing Briefly, a condensed mini-course on executive summary writing

Clients subscribing to these courses have said that they are right on the mark because they hit the few most important points to create gold standard messages under tight time constraints. If you think any of these programs might be useful to your staff, please reach me at